CompTIA Cloud Overview

(8 customer reviews)

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CompTIA Cloud Overview

(8 customer reviews)

| Total Course Video Hours: 5 Hrs 28 Min
|  Videos: 42
|  Course Access: 12 Months Unlimited Access
|  Study Method: Online Video Lessons
|  Course Type: Certificate Course
|  Award: Cyber Studies Institute
|  International Certification (optional): CompTIA Cloud Essential

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The CompTIA Cloud Essential certification is applicable to a wide range of IT professionals. This course is geared towards IT professionals currently in or looking for positions as IT consultants, IT technical services, IT relationship managers, IT architects, consultants and business process owners analysts.This course is the first step on a training path that leads to a technical career in cloud computing.

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01 Module
0. test
1. Intro
2. Models Part 1
3. Models Part2
4. Service And Delivery Models
5. Terms And Characteristics
6. Objects Storage Concepts


02 Module
Note: Demos will be done separately and added to or after.
0. test
1. Virtualization
2. Install Configure Manage VM And Devices
(Hands on Snapshots & Cloning)
3. Backups (Hands on Virtual Network Interface Cards) Demo
4. Virtual Disks (Hands on Virtual Disks) Demo
5. Virtual Switches
6. Virtual Resource Migration
7. Benefits Of Virtualization In A Cloud Environment
8. Compare And Contrast Virtual Environment


03 Dom
0. test
1. Infrastructure
2. Different Access Protocols
3. Explain Storage Configuration
4. File Systems Types
5. Executing Storage Provisioning
6. Network Share Demo
7. Implement Appropriate Network Configurations
8. Importance Of Network Optimization
9. Troubleshoot Basic Network Configuration Part 1
10. Troubleshoot Basic Network Configuration Part 2
11. Troubleshoot Commands Part 1
12. Troubleshoot Commands Part 2
13. Troubleshoot Commands Part 3
14. Explain Common Network Protocols
15. Common Hardware Resources


04 Module
0. test
1. Resource Management Part 1
2. Resource Management Part 2
3. Establishing Baselines And Thresholds
4. Appropriately Allocate Physical Host Resources Part 1
5. Appropriately Allocate Physical Host Resources Part 2
6. Appropriately Allocate Virtual Guest Resources Part 1
7. Appropriately Allocate Virtual Guest Resources Part 2
8. Use Appropriate Tools For Remote Access


05 Module
0. test
1. Security Part 1
2. Security Part 2
3. Storage Security Concepts And Methods
4. Different Encryption Technologies
5. Identify Access Control Methods


06 Module
0. test
1. Systems Management Part 1
2. Systems Management Part 2
3. Diagnose Remediate And Optimize Part 1
4. Diagnose Remediate And Optimize Part 2
5. Common Performance Concepts Part 1
6. Common Performance Concepts Part 2
7. Testing Techniques


07 Module Intro and Conclusion
0. test
1. Business Continuity In Cloud Part 1
2. Business Continuity In Cloud Part 2
3. Solutions To Meet Availability Requirements
4. Conclusion


Demos for Module 2
0. test
1. (Hands on Snapshots & Cloning) Demo
2. (Hands on Virtual Network Interface Cards) Demo
3. (Hands on Virtual Disks) Demo

8 reviews for CompTIA Cloud Overview

  1. Zara

    Thank you for an awesome course

  2. Lwandle

    You guys are rock stars. Thank you for an incredible experience!

  3. Logan

    You played a crucial role in helping me secure my dream job. Thank you!

  4. Harper

    Thank you for providing such an incredible learning experience.

  5. Victoria

    The quality and value provided by CSI are unmatched. Thank you for the incredible course!

  6. Ziyanda

    I can’t believe how much I’ve learned. Thank you for the amazing course!

  7. Elijah

    The course offered practical exercises that challenged me and allowed me to apply my knowledge.

  8. Tendai

    I loved the interactive discussions and forums where I could connect with other learners and share insights.

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