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CompTIA Linux+ (XK0-004)

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Prepare for the CompTIA Linux+ exam XK0-004 or grow your skills working with one of the most widely used operating systems for server environments.

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For many years, Linux has dominated the server install base in the business world—and it will continue to do so in the foreseeable future, especially as we transition to the Cloud. The CompTIA Linix+ certification – Exam id XK0-004 is proof positive that you have what it takes to work in this IT field.

This courseware builds on your existing experience with systems operations and administration to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to configure, manage, operate, and troubleshoot a Linux environment by using security best practices, scripting, and automation computing models. The popularity of Linux has led to a greater need for information technology (IT) professionals who can manage servers that run some form of the Linux kernel and the associated GNU tools that make a Linux distribution.

This course and the CompTIA exam XK0-004 are designed for IT professionals whose primary job responsibility is the management of servers and other devices running the Linux operating system. A typical student in this course should have at least nine months of hands-on Linux experience and at least one and a half years of IT experience in other computing environments. The target student should wish to expand their skill set to support their career in Linux system administration and operation.  This course is also designed for students who are seeking the CompTIA Linux+ certification and who want to prepare for Exam XK0-004.

CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004 Exam Objectives

Per CompTIA, the following objectives are established for the Linux+ exam XK0-004:

CompTIA Linux+ validates the skills of IT professionals with hands-on experience configuring, monitoring, and supporting servers running the Linux operating system. The new exam has an increased focus on the following topics: security, kernel modules, storage & virtualization, device management at an enterprise level, git & automation, networking & firewalls, server-side & command line, server (vs. client-based) coverage, troubleshooting, and SELinux.

Key Makeup of Exam XK0-004

  • Up to 90 test questions
  • A combination of multiple-choice, performance-based, and fill-in-the-blank questions.
  • Exam time is 90 minutes
  • A passing score is 720 on a scale of 100-900
  • Testing and official certification are provided by CompTIA.
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Module 1: Intro & Performing Basic Linux Tasks
1. Instructor Introduction
2. Course Introduction
3. Identify The Linux Design Philosophy
4. Enter Shell Commands
5. Shell Commands Activity
6. Get Help with Linux


Module 2: Managing Users and Groups
1. Assume Superuser and Groups
2. Create, Modify, and Delete Users
3. Create, Modify, and Delete Groups
4. Query Users and Groups
5. Configure Account Profiles


Module 3: Managing Permissions and Ownership
1. Modify File and Directory Permissions
2. Modify File and Directory Ownership
3. Configure Special Permissions and Attributes
4. Troubleshoot Permissions Issue


Module 4: Managing Storage
1. Create Partitions
2. Manage Logical Volumes
3. Mount File Systems
4. Manage File Systems
5. Navigate the Linux Directory Structure
6. Troubleshoot Storage Issues
Module 5: Managing Files and Directories
1. Create and Edit Text Files
2. Search for Files
3. Perform Operations on Files and Directories
4. Process Text Files
5. Manipulate File Output


Module 6: Managing Kernel Modules
1. Explore the Linux Kernel
2. Install and Configure Kernel Modules
3. Monitor Kernel Modules


Module 7: Managing the Linux Boot Process
1. Configure Linux Boot Components
2. Configure GRUB


Module 8: Managing System Components
1. Configure Localization Options
2. Configure GUIs
3. Manage Services
4. Troubleshoot Process Issues
5. Troubleshoot CPU and Memory Issues


Module 9: Managing Devices
1. Identify the Types of Linux
2. Configure Devices
3. Monitor Devices
4. Troubleshoot Hardware Issues


Module 10: Managing Networking
1. Identify TCP/IP Fundamentals
2. Identify Linux Server Roles
3. Connect to a Network
4. Configure DHCP and DNS Client Services
5. Configure Cloud and Virtualization Technologies
6. Troubleshoot Networking Issues


Module 11: Managing Packages and Software
1. Identify Package Managers
2. Manage RPM Packages with YUM
3. Manage Debian Packages with APT
4. Configure Repositories
5. Acquire Software
6. Build Software from Source Code
7. Troubleshoot Software Dependency Issues


Module 12: Securing Linux Systems
1. Implement Cybersecurity Best Practices
2. Implement Identity and Access Management Methods
3. Configure SELinux or AppArmor
4. Configure Firewalls
5. Implement Logging Services
6. Back Up, Restore, and Verify Data


Module 13: Working with Bash Scripts
1. Customize the Bash Shell Environment
2. Identify Scripting and Programming Fundamentals
3. Write and Execute a Simple Bash Script
4. Incorporate Control Statements in Bash Scripts


Module 14: Automating Tasks
1. Schedule Jobs
2. Implement Version Control Using Git
3. Identify Orchestration Concepts


Module 15: Installing Linux
1. Prepare for Linux Installation
2. Perform the Installation

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    The course helped me develop a solid foundation in the subject matter, even as a beginner.

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