CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 (2022)

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CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 (2022)

(2 customer reviews)

| Total Course Video Hours: 16 Hrs 1 Min
|  Videos: 15
|  Course Access: 12 Months Unlimited Access
|  Study Method: Online Video Lessons
|  Course Type: Certificate Course
|  Award: Cyber Studies Institute
|  International Certification (optional): CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 (2022)

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Those taking this course will be given a solid understanding of IT security, as well as many of the tools needed to protect a computer network regardless of size. You will learn all aspects of security and how to monitor and prevent a network from being breached by the various types of attacks and attackers. You will also come away with the knowledgebase needed to successfully pass the CompTIA Security+ exam.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

1. Demonstrate fundamental understanding of computer and network security.
• Network security
• Compliance and operational security
• Threats and vulnerabilities
• Application, data, and host security
• Access control and identity management
• Cryptography

2. Analyze and configure security on a workstation.
• List and define typical security threats and risks
• Limit workstation vulnerability by hardening the OS
• Demonstrate how virtualization can be used to limit risk and vulnerabilities
• Configure security options on parameters of browsers and other applications

3. Analyze network design and configure and secure devices and media.
• List and define common network vulnerabilities and attacks
• List common network defenses
• List and define wireless security components
• Explain the fundamentals of access control

4. Create a security plan.
• List and define components of security, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans
• Create a basic security plan, given a scenario
• Describe the activities necessary to audit an existing security plan

5. Assess network vulnerability and risk.
• Identify, install, and use common vulnerability assessment tools
• Using knowledge from previous chapters, scan for and identify common vulnerabilities and risks

6. Demonstrate basic understanding of cryptography.
• Distinguish between hash and cryptography algorithms
• Distinguish between symmetric and asymmetric algorithms
• List common security protocols
• Define public key infrastructure and describe the components needed

7. Successfully attempt the CompTIA Security+ Exam.

Intended Audience
This class is designed to meet the needs of those who want to understand basic IT security. A fundamental knowledge of networking and computers is recommended. Those seeking to pass the CompTIA Security+ certification exam will find this class’s content especially helpful; all Security+ exam objectives are covered.

About The Instructor
Professor Brian O’Hare has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry.  He started off in web design as a Corporate Webmaster but wanted to understand how the internet worked.  While working towards his bachelor’s in computer science, he studied and got his MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and his MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer).  Once certified he paid for his degree working as a Network Engineer and then a Trainer for others wanting to learn about Microsoft’s Desktop and Server products.

After finishing up his degree in Computer Science, Professor O’Hare also earned his CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and with that became a Senior Network Engineer.  The company he worked for began to expand and grow, so the professor grew with it.  After hiring additional network administrators and engineers he was promoted to Director of Information Technology.  A few years later the company expanded further, adding offices around the world.  With this came Professor O’Hare’s promotion to Vice President of Technology and eventually Chief Information Officer.

As technology grew and security became a major focus in the IT field, Professor O’Hare felt the need to expand his knowledge further, studying and earning both his CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and CEPT (Certified Expert Penetration Tester).  Upon completion of those certifications, he convinced the company that his focus and the focus of certain members of his staff should rest solely on security.  The company then named him Chief Information Security Officer and expanded their business model to include security consulting as well.

When the company was sold in 2015 Professor O’Hare moved on to become the Vice President of Technology for his local CBS affiliate, as well as two other television stations.  After keeping three television stations on the air 24/7 for a few years he decided it was time to move on and pass on the knowledge he had acquired all these years.

He became a professor for Vista College, a school that offered multiple education options including an Information Technology Associates Degree program.  As the Senior IT Instructor, Professor O’Hare taught many of the advance level classes regarding networking, server deployment (both Windows and Linux), and of course IT Security.  His students had a 98% passing rate on the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ exams and was named Professor of the Year in 2020.  With the arrival of COVID-19, Vista College was forced to close in late 2021 due to low admission rates.

Professor O’Hare then decided to become a freelance instructor, which works out well because it brought him here to us.  His enthusiasm and dedication make him a great addition to our team.

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Module 1 – Introduction to Security
1.1 Introduction to Security

Module 2 – Malware and Social Engineering Attacks
2.1 Malware and Social Engineering Attacks

Module 3 – Basic Cryptography
3.1 Basic Cryptography

Module 4 – Advanced Cryptography and PKI
4.1 Advanced Cryptography and PKI

Module 5 – Networking and Server Attacks
5.1 Networking and Server Attacks

Module 6 – Network Security Devices, Designs and Technology
6.1 Network Security Devices, Designs and Technology

Module 7 – Administering a Secure Network
7.1 Administering a Secure Network

Module 8 – Wireless Network Security
8.1 Wireless Network Security

Module 9 – Client and Application Security
9.1 Client and Application Security

Module 10 – Mobile and Embedded Device Security
10.1 Mobile and Embedded Device Security

Module 11 – Authentication and Account Management
11.1 Authentication and Account Management

Module 12 – Access Management
12.1 Access Management

Module 13 – Vulnerability Assessment and Data Security
13.1 Vulnerability Assessment and Data Security

Module 14 – Business Continuity
14.1 Business Continuity

Module 15 – Risk Mitigation
15.1 Risk Mitigation

Module 16 – Security Plus Summary and Review
16.1 – Security Plus Summary and Review

2 reviews for CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 (2022)

  1. Joseph

    Thank you for an awesome learning experience

  2. Sanaa

    I appreciated the responsive and helpful support from the course instructors whenever I had questions.

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