Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 2020

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Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 2020

(4 customer reviews)

| Total Course Video Hours: 4 Hrs 59 Min
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|  Study Method: Online Video Lessons
|  Course Type: Certificate Course
|  Award: Cyber Studies Institute

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This course is designed to get you up and running with Adobe Photoshop. Whether you are new to Photoshop or just brushing up because you haven’t used it for a while, this course should help.
Most of the material should be relevant regardless of the version of Photoshop you are using. This course covers core Photoshop techniques in Photoshop Creative Cloud, but the user interface is pretty consistent from one version to another. Some features may work slightly differently, but the concepts are the same.

Why Photoshop?

The expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” is as true today as ever.
Adobe Photoshop is the industry-standard tool for digital imaging, which makes Photoshop expertise a valuable commodity in the workplace. Learning Photoshop is also a good way to learn imaging concepts. Concepts you learn from working with Photoshop apply to other imaging tools as well (including Photoshop Elements, which has a very similar user interface and features).

How to use this guide:
The purpose of this course is to introduce basic Photoshop features and concepts so that you can use the program effectively. By the time you complete this course, you should be able to use Photoshop to open files and import images, move around images using navigation tools, understand basic imaging concepts, do basic image editing, and prepare images for print and online presentations.

This course includes the following sections:

  • Getting Started (Photoshop desktop, getting images into Photoshop, moving around an image, tips for using Photoshop)
  • Imaging Concepts (color modes, image size, resolution, and print size)
  • Acquiring images (opening files and importing images into Photoshop)
  • Editing Images (cropping, removing imperfections, adjusting contrast, correcting colors, and sharpening images)
  • More Image Editing (selection techniques, layers, adding type.)
  • Exporting and printing (Saving for the Web, inserting images into presentations, printing)

Students will gain a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop and its capabilities.
Who is this course for? People interested in taking images and correcting or enhancing them.

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Module 1: Getting Started
1. Instructor Intro
2. Course Intro
3. Open Images
4. Get Familiar with Work Space
5. Zoom and Pan
6. Undo and Save PT.1
7. Undo and Save PT.2
8. Resize and Resolution
9. Crop and Straighten
10. Expand the Canvas
11. Basic Image Corrections

Module 2: Layers and More
1. Layer Basics
2. Resizing Layers
3. Adding Text and Images
4. Layer Styles
5. Photo Merge and Panoramic Images
6. Camera Raw
7. Camera Raw Continued and Adjustment layers
8. Selection Basics

Module 3: Editing, Techniques and More
1. Raw File XMP
2. Masks
3. Puppet Warp and Alpha Channel
4. Typography
5. Vector Drawing Techniques
6. Advanced Compositing

4 reviews for Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 2020

  1. Sofia

    The course was well-structured, with each module building upon the previous one seamlessly.

  2. Asha

    The course was worth every penny. It delivered on its promises and provided immense value.

  3. Siphesihle

    Thank you for an awesome learning experience

  4. Nala

    You guys rock

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