Java Programming

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Java Programming

(6 customer reviews)

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|  Study Method: Online Video Lessons
|  Course Type: Certificate Course
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Java is a general purpose programming language that is concurrent, class based, object oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. Being that Java is an underlying technology and required by many applications and websites, you will find it in places like business applications, data centers, game consoles, utilities, desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and more. This online training course will cover various levels of Java Programming including beginner, intermediate and advanced. It covers a complete introduction to object oriented programming as well as many other core Java features. This course is just as helpful for a beginner as it is for systems engineers, web application developers, mobile app developers, software engineers and any other potential student with a technical background.

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Module 1: Foundations (Beginner)
„ History of Computer Programming
„ Categories of Programming Languages
„ Condensed history of Java
„ Software Lifecycle


Module 2: Terms and Tools (Beginner)
„ Programming General Terms
„ Java Program Flow
„ Downloading and Installing Java.
„ Text Editors and Integrated Development Environments
„ Installing Eclipse


Module 3: Identifiers, Variables, and Data Types (Beginner)
„ Understanding Identifiers
„ Unicode and Java Syntax
„ Variables, Constants, and Literals
„ Primitive Data Types
„ Operators
„ Escape Characters
„ Type Conversions and Type Casting.
„ Java Reserved Words


Module 4: Object-Orientated Programming (Intermediate)
„ Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
„ Java’s Structure and OOP
„ Packages
„ Classes
„ Inheritance
„ Interfaces
„ Objects


Module 5: Predefined Classes (Intermediate)
„ Strings Class
„ Date Class
„ Simple Date Format Class
„ Scanner Class
„ Decimal Format Class
„ JFrame Class
„ Container Class


Module 6: Methods Part 1 (Intermediate)
„ Methods
„ Components of Methods
„ Naming Methods
„ Implementation Method Hiding
„ Method Variables and Literals
„ Invoking a Method


Module 7: Methods Part 2 (Advanced)
„ Methods and Multiple Arguments
„ Parameters and Arguments
„ Method Scope
„ Method Composition and Overloading


Module 8: Constructors (Advanced)
„ Constructors
„ Creating Objects
„ Overloading Constructors
„ Default Constructors


Module 9: Arrays and Exceptions (Advanced)
„ Array Structures
„ Constants and Arrays
„ Navigating Arrays
„ Exceptions and the Try Catch Block

6 reviews for Java Programming

  1. Lucas

    This course has exceeded my expectations in every way.

  2. Aiden

    I got my dream job thanks to you

  3. Sade

    I owe my dream job to CSI. Thank you for making it possible!

  4. Zahara

    I appreciated the regular updates and additional resources provided throughout the course.

  5. Nomathamsanqa

    Thank you, for providing such a comprehensive and insightful course.

  6. Simba

    Your course is top-notch. Thank you for the outstanding learning experience!

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