Managing Different Personality Types

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Managing Different Personality Types

(7 customer reviews)

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As a manager, you are faced with new challenges constantly. Sometimes this comes from outside of the business from customers, suppliers, and the like. Other times this comes internally from your team. Being a manager is truly an art and can require a great deal of trial and error to become successful at it.

Rick Graham created this course to help curb the learning curve so you can lead your team from a position of strength regardless of the personality you may encounter along the way.

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Managing Different Personalities Outline:

Module 1: Intro and what will this course cover?
o Welcome to the course
o We are going to cover a lot of content so be ready to take notes!

Module 2: My Story and background
o Worked my way up the ladder at Chick-fil-A into upper management
§ Went from minimum wage to second highest paid very quickly
o Managed over 40+ employees throughout the week of varying ages, ethnicities, and
o Came into regular contact with almost every single employee in the store

Module 3: Let’s get on the same page
o It doesn’t matter if you are the big boss or a middle manager, we are going to cover
o Managing actual people is not like it is in the books
o You will make mistakes. The key is to learn from them and improve yourself

Module 4: Two personality types
o Extrovert
o Introvert

Module 5: A Good vs Bad Manager
o We need to establish the difference before we move forward
o It is simple, treat others how you want to be treated
o Bad:
§ Lashes out of anger
We will discuss later difference between anger and yelling
§ Micromanages
§ Bosses others around
§ Has extremely poor communication
o Good:
§ Leads by example
§ Takes time to properly manage people
§ Sets a standard and sticks to it
§ Communicates very clearly so everyone understands what their task is
§ Lowers the overall stress

Module 6: What are the best ways to manage your team?
o With integrity, respect, and with living out the standards you set
o Best practice is to treat others how you would want to be treated
o Be diplomatic when you can

Module 7: Mentalities to avoid – Part 1
o Trying to be everyone’s friend.
o Realize you can’t make everyone happy, and you shouldn’t try.
o Slamming the judgement hammer on your team all the time.
o Yelling at your team in frustration.
o Talking down to your employees.
o Getting comfortable with your employees
§ This can cause a lot of problems

Module 7: Being your employees’ friends – Part 2
o Is this dangerous?
o Can this undermine my position as a manager?

o Which is most important to me? Being liked or being respected?
o At work vs outside of work

Module 7: Can’t make everyone happy – Part 3
o You’ll never be able to make everyone happy
o Sometimes no matter what you do things don’t improve
o There are situations where you can’t fix the problem

Module 7: Talking down to your team – Part 4
o This causes a tremendous amount of harm for you
o Destroys much of the respect you can have built up for yourself
o Doesn’t work with your kids at home, and doesn’t do well at your business either

Module 8: How to approach a problem with an employee?
o Considerations: Age, Gender, History, Culture
o When managing, you need to take all of a person into account as you manage them.
Sometimes this is hard, but it should be considered a best practice
o Age
§ Whether younger than you, or older
o Gender
§ Are they same gender as you or different?
§ Also matters which gender you are
o History
§ What do you know about this person?
§ How many times have you had issues with them?
§ How do they ordinarily perform their tasks?
o Culture
§ Where are they from?

Module 9: Diversity in your team
o No two people are the exact same
o What works with some won’t work with others
o You have to be alert to change strategies. Don’t get stuck on what worked before!

Module 10: My personal difficulty with careless employees
o There are all sorts of personalities out there, and generally most people just want to
keep their head down and do their job.
o Being transparent, my most difficult to manage personality is the careless type.
§ Doesn’t care if they show up on time.
§ Doesn’t mind slacking off even while others pick up the slack.
§ Openly disrespectful.

Module 11: Discipline – Part 1
o How
o When
o Where
o What is appropriate discipline for your business?
§ Sending someone home
§ Cutting their hours
§ Firing them
o Disciplining another manager
§ Story time

Module 11: Discipline – Part 2
o Have a witness with you when you must reprimand an employee

o Be very clear why they are being disciplined and the actions they can take to improve

Module 12: Angry employees – Part 1
o What do you do when an employee screams at you?
§ It never gets easier
o Is it ever appropriate to argue in front of other team members?
§ Typically, no, but there can be times when it is needed or cannot be avoided
Module 12: Is it ever okay to yell at your employees? – Part 2
o First, getting angry is human. But letting that anger out does not always benefit us
o Sometimes you need to really stress a point and being loud can do that
o It matters greatly who you are talking to and what else built up to that point

Module 13: When it is time to say goodbye
o Firing doesn’t always mean someone is a terrible person, sometimes it just means they
aren’t a good fit
o We have to be mindful of the business as a whole
o Everyone is replaceable!

Module 14: Disrespect from your team – Part 1
o Disrespect can come in multiple forms
o Open vs. behind your back
§ People are going to talk no matter what you do
§ Sometimes you don’t need to worry, other times you need to correct it

Module 14: How to gain respect from your team – Part 2
o Walk what you preach
§ Stay late and avoid leaving early just because you can
§ Be on time
§ Dress appropriately
§ Be respectful of others
§ Work harder than you would ask of them
§ Don’t be afraid of doing the job you are asking them to. This includes even
cleaning a toilet.

Module 15: Common management mistakes
o People pleaser
o Rigid money focus
o Bad temper
o Too relaxed
o Passive aggressive behavior

Module 16: How do I become a better manager?
o You first have to want it!
o Observe your team
o Take time to actually talk to your people

Module 17: How to manage if you aren’t the big, big boss
o No matter your position on the totem pole it is basically the same when you have to
manage people
o Use the boss’ name when appropriate

Module 18: Dealing with other managers
o Conflict of managing styles
o Don’t undermine the other manager as much as you can
o Speak to them one-on-one to clear up tension away from the team

Module 19: Conclusion and summary of course

7 reviews for Managing Different Personality Types

  1. Abigail

    Hands down, the best course I have ever had the pleasure of taking!

  2. Joseph

    The instructor’s engaging teaching style made the course enjoyable and kept me actively learning.

  3. Siphokazi

    Your dedication to delivering high-quality courses is commendable. Thank you for the excellent experience!

  4. Mzwandile

    I’m forever grateful you for this incredible experience.

  5. Xoliswa

    I passed my exam on the first try! Thank you

  6. Kaya

    You truly are the best in the business. Thank you for everything!

  7. Mia

    The course was well-structured, with each module building upon the previous one seamlessly.

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