Microsoft 70-337: MCSE Communication - Lync Server

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Microsoft 70-337: MCSE Communication - Lync Server

(7 customer reviews)

| Total Course Video Hours:  18 Hrs 33 Min
|  Videos: 58
|  Course Access: 12 Months Unlimited Access
|  Study Method: Online Video Lessons
|  Course Type: Certificate Course
|  Award: Cyber Studies Institute
|  International Certification (optional): Microsoft 70-337: MCSE Communication – Lync Server

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Candidates for this exam are IT consultants and telecommunications consulting professionals who design, plan, deploy, and maintain solutions for unified communications (UC). Candidates should be able to translate business requirements into technical architecture and design for a UC solution. Candidates should have a minimum of two years of experience with Microsoft Lync technologies and be familiar with supported migration scenarios.

Candidates should be proficient in deploying Lync Server 2013 solutions for end-users, endpoint devices, telephony, audio/video and web conferences, security, and high availability. Candidates should also know how to monitor and troubleshoot Lync Server 2013 using Microsoft tools. In addition, candidates should be proficient with Active Directory Domain Services, data networks, and telecommunications standards and components that support the configuration of Lync Server 2013. Candidates should be familiar with the requirements for integrating Lync Server 2013 with Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365.

This course is a core requirement for the MCSE certification.

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Module 01 Understanding Voice Architecture
„ 1.1 IntroductionToArchitechtureAndServer
„ RolesTopicAPart1
„ 1.2 IntroductionToArchitechtureAndServer
„ RolesTopicAPart2
„ 1.3 IntroductionToArchitechtureAndServer
„ RolesTopicB


Module 02 Configuring Key Enterprise Voice Functionality
„ 2.1 IntroductionToLyncVoiceRoutingTopicA
„ 2.2 IntroductionToLyncVoiceRoutingTopicBConfigure EnterpriseVoicePart1
„ 2.3 IntroductionToLyncVoiceRoutingTopicBConfigure EnterpriseVoicePart2
„ 2.4 IntroductionToLyncVoiceRoutingTopicCDefineVoice
„ PoliciesAssignDIDNumbersDesignADialPlan
„ 2.5 IntroductionToLyncVoiceRoutingQuestions


Module 03 Designing Exchange Server 2013 Unified Messaging
Intergration with Lync
„ Server 2013
„ 3.1IntroductionToExchange2013UnifiedMessaging
„ ConfigureExchangeUMToWorkWithLync2013
„ ConfiguringExchangeAndLyncFeatureIntegrationPart1
„ 3.2 IntroductionToExchange2013UnifiedMessaging
„ ConfigureExchangeUMToWorkWithLync2013
„ ConfiguringExchangeAndLyncFeatureIntegrationPart2
„ 3.3 IntroductionToExchange2013UnifiedMessaging
„ ConfigureExchangeUMToWorkWithLync2013
„ ConfiguringExchangeAndLyncFeatureIntegrationPart3
„ 3.4 IntroductionToExchange2013UnifiedMessaging
„ ConfigureExchangeUMToWorkWithLync2013
„ ConfiguringExchangeAndLyncFeatureIntegrationPart4


Module 04 Understanding Voice Applications
„ 4.1 IntroductionToResponseGroupServicesPart1UnderstandingVoiceApplications
„ 4.2IntroductionToResponseGroupServicesPart2UnderstandingVoiceApplications
Module 05 Configuring and Deploying Emergency Calling
„ 5.1 IntroductionToLocationInformationServer
„ 5.2 IntroductionToSetUpAndCallFlow
„ 5.3 E911UserExperience


Module 06 Integrating the PSTN
„ 6.1 ConnectToThePSTN
„ 6.2 ConnectToTheExistingPBXIntroductionToM:NInterworkingRoutingCallRoutingReliability
Module 07 Understanding Lync Server 2013 and Networking
„ 7.1 PlanForMediaRequirementsIntroductionToCallAdmissionControlPlanForCallAdmissionControlIntroductionToMediaBypass


Module 08 Understanding Phones and Devices
„ 8.1IntroductionToPhonesAndDevicesDeployDevice
„ 8.2 ManageLyncServer2013PhonesSuppportAnalogDevicesPart1
„ 8.3 ManageLyncServer2013PhonesSuppportAnalogDevicesPart2


Module 09 Configuring And Migrating Lync Online
„ 9.1IntroductionToOffice365ArchitectureDeployLyncIntroductionToLyncybridScenerios


Module 10 Monitoring
„ 10.1IntoductionToVoiceQualityConceptsExploreLyncMonitoringServerComponentsExploreLyncMonitoringServerReportsIntroductionToRTPAndRTCPCollected
„ Information


Module 11 Understanding Lync Server2013 Voice Resiliency
„ 11.1 IntroductionToVoiceResilienceLyncPoolResilience
„ BranchOfficeResilience
„ Outro

7 reviews for Microsoft 70-337: MCSE Communication – Lync Server

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  4. Amara

    You guys are simply outstanding. Thank you for the amazing learning experience!

  5. Lucas

    I can’t express my gratitude enough for this exceptional course. Thank you!

  6. Zoey

    Best college in SA

  7. Zamile

    I can’t thank you enough for providing such a phenomenal course.

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