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Finding the perfect career path can be difficult. We know...

Let us help explain and narrow down some career paths for you! Check out the descriptions below to see which career path fits you best.

IT, Developing, & Networking

Computer Support

Computer Support Specialists analyze, troubleshoot, and maintains computers and networks. (Average Salary - R17500 / Month as per


Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from cyber attacks. (Average Salary - R91000 / Month as per

Network Administration

A network administrator designs, manages, and maintains a computer network within an organization. They are responsible for local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), virtual private networks (VPN), network segments, and other data connections within the company. (Average Salary - R15258 / Month as per

System Administrator

A system administrator (sysadmin) is an information technology professional who supports a multiuser computing environment and ensures continuous, optimal performance of IT services and support systems. (Average Salary - R35001 / Month as per

Software Development

Software Developers are the creative, brainstorming, masterminds behind computer programs of all sorts. (Average Salary - R65000 / Month as per

Web Development

Web Developers, web designers and webmasters are the people that build, develop, adjust, design and maintain websites. (Average Salary - R52500 / Month as per

Data Administration

Data Administration is the process by which data is maintained and managed by a Data Architect or an Organization. (Average Salary - R13525 / Month as per

Data Analysis

A Data Analyst collects, cleans and interprets data sets in order to answer a question or solve a problem. (Average Salary - R47849 / Month as per

Cloud, Design, & Business

Cloud Computing

Managing end-to-end life-cycle of a cloud environment, including designing applications for the cloud. (Average Salary - R52500 / Month as per

Project Management

Plan and designate project resources, prepare budgets, monitor progress and keep stakeholders informed the entire way. (Average Salary - R60000 / Month as per


Making critical financial decisions by collecting tracking and correcting the companies finances. (Average Salary - R26630 / Month as per

Adobe Creative

The Adobe Designer will work with common graphics and videography applications to create visually stunning content. (Average Salary - R12500 / Month as per

Microsoft Office

To prepare communications, reports, presentationsand more by using Office software like Work, Powerpoint, Excel, etc. (Average Salary for Office Manager - R22500 / Month as per
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