HTML5 & CSS3 Web Design Fundamentals with JavaScript

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HTML5 & CSS3 Web Design Fundamentals with JavaScript

(9 customer reviews)

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The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is essential to modern web browsing. Its essential language that browsers utilize to present information is the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The most current version, HTML5, is coupled with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to improve page layout and style.

The fundamentals of HTML and CSS are delivered in very simple detail. Covered components are broken down to demonstrate successful implementation. Each module builds upon the last to provide a comprehensive whole.
Modern web development utilizes new tools that will be used throughout the series. These tools make the web development process more efficient, which results in greater productivity. It is vital to have a good understanding of how to set up and implement a modern web development environment.

A review of the essential components of the Internet and World Wide Web improves the learning process. This groundwork explains some of how Web networks operate. It provides some understanding of why HTML & CSS are coded as they are.
The basic features of HTML and CSS are delivered. They are then used in the development of more complex features. Ultimately, an entire web site is developed throughout the series.The techniques for native HTML5 audio and video integration are delivered. Images play many roles in HTML and CSS. Techniques for how to properly display many image formats are shown.An introduction to JavaScript is included. JavaScript can be essential to many use cases in web development. Comprehending how to implement JavaScript in web design is vital to success in many web projects.

Installing and running a development web server is explored. A step-by-step process for how to install a development web server is covered. The sites developed in the course modules may be shown on the web server and accessed by other devices.
The essentials necessary for web development in HTML5 & CSS3 are provided. This course includes how to implement responsive strategies in web design. Outcomes include having the necessary tools for successful web development.


Learning objectives: 
• Development environment implementation
• Website organization
• HTML structure & authoring
• Testing & debugging
• Responsive & mobile-first web design
• CSS styling & layouts
• Image development & integration
• Multimedia development & integration
• Table design
• Forms & Programming in JavaScript
• Publishing content


Intended audience:
This course is intended for a general audience.

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Module 1 – HTML5-CSS3 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to the Course

Module 2 – The Internet and World Wide Web
2.1 The Internet and World Wide Web

Module 3 – HTML Fundamentals
3.1 Web Development Tools
3.2 HTML Skeletons
3.3 Paragraph Elements
3.4 Phrase Elements
3.5 HTML Comments
3.6 HTML Entities

Module 4 – CSS Fundamentals
4.1 CSS Fundamentals
4.2 Inline Styles
4.3 Embedded Style Sheets
4.4 External Style Sheets
4.5. Selector Types
4.6 Decendent Selectors
4.7 CSS Colors
4.8 ID Versus Class
4.9 CSS Text Properties
4.10 CSS Box Model

Module 5 – Images and Links
5.1 Images and Links
5.2 Image Elements
5.3 Images with Hyperlinks
5.4 Open Links in New Tab
5.5 Telephone and Email Links
5.6 Validate and Debug

Module 6 – Responsive Design
6.1 Responsive Design
6.2 Fixed Layouts
6.3 Viewport Meta Element
6.4 Usefull CSS Styles

Module 7 – Media Queries
7.1 More About Responsive Design
7.2 Global Changes
7.3 Mobile Devices
7.4 Manipulate Logo

Module 8 – Layouts
8.1 Layouts
8.2 Tablets Part 1
8.3 Tablets Part 2
8.4 Styling Part 1
8.5 Styling Part 2
8.6 Styling Part 3
8.7 Styling Part 4
8.8 Styling Part 5
8.9 Styling Part 6

Module 9 – Tables
9.1 Tables Part 1
9.2 Tables Part 2

Module 10 – Multimedia
10.1 Multimedia
10.2 Multimedia Part 2
10.3 Multimedia Part 3

Module 11 – Forms and JavaScript
11.1 Forms and JavaScript
11.2 jQuery
11.3 Styling Tables

Module 12 – The Web Server
12.1 The Web Server

Module 13 – Programming and JavaScript
13.1 Data Types
13.2 Global Methods
13.3 Variables
13.4 Conditional Statements
13.5 Loops
13.6 Operators

Module 14 – The Calculator
14.1 Calculator Part 1
14.2 Calculator Part 2
14.3 Calculator Part 3
14.4 Calculator Part 4
14.5 Calculator Part 5
14.6 Calculator Part 6
14.7 Calculator Part 7

9 reviews for HTML5 & CSS3 Web Design Fundamentals with JavaScript

  1. Lulu

    I absolutely loved every aspect of this course. Thank you so much!

  2. Dalia

    The practical examples and case studies shared in the course were highly relevant and applicable.

  3. Zahara

    The knowledge I gained from this course will stay with me forever. Thank you!

  4. Thando

    You’ve helped me secure my dream job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  5. Mthunzi

    You are the best

  6. Siyanda

    Best course I have ever done!

  7. Mthokozisi

    Exceptional content and great delivery. Best course I’ve taken!

  8. Sanaa

    Your dedication to delivering high-quality courses is commendable. Thank you for the excellent experience!

  9. Aziza

    The instructor was knowledgeable and passionate about the subject, which made the course enjoyable.

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