Microsoft AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

(8 customer reviews)

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Microsoft AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

(8 customer reviews)

| Total Course Video Hours: 8 Hrs 15 Min
|  Videos: 48
|  Course Access: 12 Months Unlimited Access
|  Study Method: Online Video Lessons
|  Course Type: Certificate Course
|  Award: Cyber Studies Institute
|  International Certification (optional): Microsoft AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

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Learn to use Azure, Microsoft’s cloud solution. In this day and age, cloud computing is almost a necessity. With more businesses switching over to the Cloud, it is more important than ever to learn about Azure. Understanding how the Cloud works and operates will further your career and help you become more marketable. With this course, you will learn what the Cloud is, different ways to utilize the Cloud, and a variety of the resources that are available in the Azure console. In this course, we will go over several different modules. We will go over topics such as cloud computing fundamentals, compute, networking, Databases, Azure solutions, Administration, pricing and service level agreements, and more. You will be prepared to take the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam with practice questions and flashcards. You will further develop your Azure understanding and build confidence in your ability to navigate the Azure console and use the various resources within. If you have never heard of Azure or cloud technology, if you are familiar with other cloud technologies, if you are anywhere in-between, this class is for you. This class is designed for all and provides a high-level overview of what Azure has to offer and how it can best help you and your company become more efficient and cost-effective. You will learn an introductory, high-level view of the Azure platform while preparing for the AZ-900 exam. This course is intended for Everyone regardless of experience, who is interested in learning and working with Microsoft Azure.

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Module 1: Introduction
1. Instructor Introduction
2. Course Overview


Module 2: Cloud Fundamentals
1. What is the Cloud?
2. Basic Terms
3. Types of Cloud
4. Cloud Service Models


Module 3: Azure’s Architecture
1. Regions and Availability
2. Resource Groups and Management
3. Azure Marketplace
4. Demo: Azure Console Exploration


Module 4: Compute
1. Virtual Machines
2. Containers
3. Demo: Containers
4. Functions
5. Demo: Functions
6. Windows Virtual Desktop and App Services


Module 5: Networking and CDN
1. Virtual Networks
2. Load Balancers
3. Gateways
4. Content Delivery Network
5. Network Security
6. Demo: Connecting two VMs


Module 6: Storage
1. Storage
2. Big Data and Analytics
3. Databases
4. Demo: SQL Database
5. Database Migration


Module 7: Azure Solutions
1. IoT
2. Demo: IoT Hub
3. AI
4. Serverless Computing


Module 8: Administration
1. Security
2. Identity and Access Management
3. Demo: Adding Users and Groups
4. Governance
5. Demo: Resource Locks
6. Privacy and Compliance


Module 9: Pricing and Service Level Agreements
1. Managing Costs
2. Demo: Pricing Calculator
3. Service Level Agreements and Service Lifecycles


Module 10: Exam Preparation
1. Exam Layout
2. Best Practices and Study Tips
3. Overview and Conclusion


Module 11: Review Questions
1. Review pt. 1
2. Review pt. 2
3. Review pt. 3
4. Review pt. 4

8 reviews for Microsoft AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

  1. Malika

    Thank you for an awesome course

  2. Nobuhle

    Every minute spent in this course was an absolute joy. Loved it!

  3. Jackson

    The course was worth every penny. It delivered on its promises and provided immense value.

  4. Yonela

    I appreciated the regular feedback and guidance provided by the course instructors.

  5. Zuri

    The course provided excellent support materials, including downloadable resources and reference guides.

  6. Jackson

    The knowledge I gained from this course will stay with me forever. Thank you!

  7. Mzoxolo

    Hands down, the best course I have ever had the pleasure of taking!

  8. Joseph

    The course offered a wide range of topics, catering to different interests within the subject area.

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