Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

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Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

(2 customer reviews)

| Total Course Video Hours: 5 Hrs 9 Min
|  Videos: 105
|  Course Access: 12 Months Unlimited Access
|  Study Method: Online Video Lessons
|  Course Type: Certificate Course
|  Award: Cyber Studies Institute

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A Kubernetes Certification can take your career to a whole new level.
Learning Kubernetes is essential for any DevOps professional. DevOps engineers are always in demand. Currently, the average Silicon Valley salary for a DevOps engineer is 20% higher than what a software engineer makes. DevOps engineers make an average of $140,000 to $200,000 annually.
Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
Lectures alone will not help you clear the certification. This Kubernetes Certification is a practical hands-on exam. You will need hands-on experience and you will need to practice.
This course explains several important aspects of taking the official Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. You will learn about the exam procedure, where to find the latest information about the exam, and a few helpful tips for taking the exam.
The Exam Objectives are below and will be covered in the course.
  • Cluster Architecture, Installation & Configuration 25%
  • Workloads & Scheduling 15%
  • Services & Networking 20%
  • Storage 10%
  • Troubleshooting 30%
The following topics are covered.
  • Kubernetes history – where it came from
  • Kubernetes – Business Benefits
  • Kubernetes Architecture – Masters, Nodes, Pods, Services & Deployments
  • Understand the desired state and declarative model
  • Installing Kubernetes on Minikube, GCP
  • What are Services, Deployments and Containers
  • Working with Pods. Deploying your first pod.
  • Kubernetes Control Plane
  • Kubernetes Ingress and Egress
  • Hands-On: Kubernetes deployments. Creating your first deployment
  • Exam Preparation Scenario Questions
  • Career Demand and Salaries
 What can you expect from the Kubernetes?
  • Full downloadable content
  • Kubernetes Demos
  • Whiteboard Discussions
  • Practice Questions
  • Optional Exercises to follow
Who would be the target audience?
This course is for Kubernetes beginners and experienced professionals that want to have full coverage of the updated CKA exam objectives.
Instructor Joe Holbrook


This course includes an exam and certification by the Cyber Studies Institute.


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Module 1: Course Overview
1.1 Course Overview
1.2 Course PreReqs

Module 2: Kubernetes and Container Fundamentals
2.1 Core Concepts
2.2 What is the CKA Exam
2.3 Why Get Certified
2.4 CKA Exam Domains
2.5 What is Kubernetes
2.6 What is a Container
2.7 What is Docker
2.8 Kubernetes Terminology
2.9 Kubernetes Components
2.10 Kubernetes Documentation
2.11 Whiteboard – Kubernetes Overview

Module 3: Kubernetes Installation
3.1 Kubernetes Installation
3.2 Installation Options
3.3 MiniKube
3.4 Demo – Install Minikube
3.5 Demo – Clusters
3.6 Kubectl Basics
3.7 Demo – Install Kubectl

Module 4: Working with Kubernetes Clusters and Nodes
4.1 Working with Kubernetes Clusters and Nodes
4.2 Understanding the Architecture
4.3 Understanding the nodes
4.4 Core Objects
4.5 API
4.6 Create a Cluster
4.7 Demo – Create a Cluster
4.8 Demo – YAML
4.9 Demo – Nodes
4.10 Demo – Kubectl Client Config

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  1. Matthew

    I’m forever grateful to CSI for providing such an outstanding course.

  2. Zara

    The course provided practical tips that helped me overcome challenges in my professional life.

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