Mastering Your iPhone

(6 customer reviews)

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Mastering Your iPhone

(6 customer reviews)

| Total Course Video Hours: 5 Hrs 6 Min
|  Videos: 42
|  Course Access: 12 Months Unlimited Access
|  Study Method: Online Video Lessons
|  Course Type: Certificate Course
|  Award: Cyber Studies Institute

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In this class, we cover it all! From button functions, screen gestures and settings, sending and receiving messages and emails, finding, adding and creating contacts, to so much more. Plus, you’ll learn to utilize everything from navigation and maps to taking great pictures and video. We will give you tons of little tips and tricks that will surprise even the most seasoned user.

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The Phone
„ Home button
„ Back to Kansas button – at any time press it one time to navigate to the home screen
„ Volume up/down buttons
„ Silent/not silent button
„ Sleep/wake


The Screen
„ Screen pieces
„ Status bar
„ Lock Screen
„ Home screen
„ Orientation


The Keyboard
„ Typing
„ Changing keyboards
„ Special characters
„ Voice control


„ Tap
„ Pinch in
„ Pinch out
„ Slide
„ Double tap
„ Tap and hold
„ Tap and slide
„ Patience


Using the Phone
„ Using the sleep/wake button
„ Entering your security code
„ Closing / locking your phone
„ Open with the home button
„ Launching the application
„ Bringing up the keypad
„ Dialing
„ Starting the call – ending the call
„ Getting home


„ Launching the application
„ What you see – creating a message
„ The pop up keyboard
„ Making sure to use the area code
„ Sending to a contact
„ The pop up keyboard
„ Switching the view


„ Navigating contacts
„ Search/quick link
„ Adding contacts
„ Adding contacts From scratch
„ Photo
„ Multiple phone numbers
„ Adding emails
„ Changing ring tones – for this caller
„ Changing vibration for the caller
„ Changing text tone
„ Text vibration
„ Dialing using the contact record
„ Messaging using the contact record


The Phone Part 2
„ More stuff on the screen
„ Favorites – speed dial
„ Recents
„ All/missed
„ In out
„ Returning calls
„ Contacts
„ Keypad
„ Voicemail
„ What to do while your on the call…
„ Share the wealth using the speaker phone
„ Punching the keypad while on the phone
„ Mute
„ Looking up a contact
„ Getting back to the screen
„ Instant conference calls
„ Start, add, merge
„ Answering the phone
„ From lock screen
„ Answer with a text
„ Remind yourself to call back
„ Silence but don’t hang up..
„ Adding contacts from Phone calls
„ Creating a contact
„ Adding to a contact.
„ Blocking a number
„ That’s more

6 reviews for Mastering Your iPhone

  1. Zimkhitha

    The course was time-efficient, delivering the necessary knowledge without unnecessary fluff.

  2. Aziza

    You are the best

  3. Joseph

    The course exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality and depth of the content.

  4. Jelani

    The course included regular assessments, allowing me to track my progress and identify areas for improvement.

  5. Charlotte

    Exceptional content and great delivery. Best course I’ve taken!

  6. Matthew

    Best course I have ever done!

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