Microsoft Office 2016 Bundle

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Microsoft Office 2016 Bundle

(5 customer reviews)

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This Microsoft Office 2016 training bundle includes beginner, intermediate & advanced levels for Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel,Microsoft Outlook,Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Access 2016

Microsoft Access is now much more than a way to create desktop databases. It’s an easy to use tool for quickly creating browser-based database applications that help you run your business. Your data is automatically stored in a SQL database, so it’s more secure and scalable than ever, and you can easily share your applications with colleagues.

This course will guide you through the basics of relational database design and through the creation of database objects. You will learn how to use forms, query tables, and reports to manage data. You will understand the interface, customization, and creation editing of the many objects available within the Microsoft Access application. This course is divided into three separate levels being Basic Microsoft Access, Intermediate Microsoft Access, and Advanced Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel is the standard spreadsheet application for both personal and business use, so staying on top of the latest version is very important for anyone considering career advancement. Regardless of your level of understanding, you will benefit from this Microsoft Excel 2016 training course because it covers basic, intermediate, and advanced competency levels.


Our Microsoft Excel 2016 training course will help arm you with the knowledge to use it more effectively whether you are using it at home or in the workplace. Understand how to manipulate data within a spreadsheet, validate and present information using the built-in structure and functions of Microsoft Excel.


Microsoft Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook is by far one of the most popular email applications used by millions of professionals and students all over the world. Microsoft Outlook 2016 provides better organization, search capabilities, communication, and social networking features.

With this Microsoft Outlook 2016 training course, you will learn the four major components of outlook including contacts, email, calendars, and tasks. This course will also touch on the OneNote application that provides a cross-platform and cross-application note-taking tool. This course covers all the bases including Basic Outlook 2016, Intermediate Outlook 2016 and Advanced Outlook 2016.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2016

Take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level with our Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 online training course! Whether you are a beginner or have experience and want to sharpen your skills, this online course will help you create professional-quality presentations that will grab your audience’s attention and keep them interested from start to finish.

This course is separated into three main sections covering Basic PowerPoint, Intermediate PowerPoint, and Advanced PowerPoint lessons, which will provide an in-depth review of the presentation software included in the Office 2016 suite of applications. Learn to navigate the interface effectively, insert a range of objects and how to create engaging presentations that will wow viewers. Topics will include design, customization, and presentation of information using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Word 2016 is a very popular word processing program that can be used for both personal and business purposes. While already feature-rich and critical for productivity, Microsoft continues to improve and enhance its software with each new release like the latest Microsoft Word 2016.

In this course, you will learn to navigate the interface, create documents that stand out, and how to extend the use of Microsoft word beyond its traditional uses. This course will cover simple document creation, complex long documents, and all aspects of the word processor. This online training course will cover three main areas including Basic Word, Intermediate Word and Advanced Word.

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Microsoft Word 2016 Course Outline

Word 2016 Basic
  •    Introduction To Word Interface Part1
  •    Introduction To Word Interface Part2
  •    Introduction To Word Interface Part3
  •    View
  •    Typing Part1
  •    Typing Part2
  •    Typing Part3
  •    Typing Part4
  •    Resume Part1
  •    Resume Part2
  •    Bullet List
Word 2016 Intermediate
  •    Menus And Keyboard Shortcuts Part1
  •    Menus And Keyboard Shortcuts Part2
  •    Tabs
  •    Tables Part1
  •    Tables Part2
  •    Tables Part3
  •    Styles Part1
  •    Styles Part2
  •    Styles Part3
  •    Page Formatting Part1
  •    Page Formatting Part2
  •    Page Formatting Part3
Word 2016 Advanced
  •    Creating An Outline
  •    Inserting Images Part1
  •    Inserting Images Part2
  •    Tracking Changes
  •    Mail Merge Part1
  •    Mail Merge Part2
  •    Large Documents Part1
  •    Large Documents Part2
  •    Other Word Functions Part1
  •    Other Word Functions Part2
  •    Document Comparison

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Course Outline

Basic Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
  •    What Is PowerPoint Part 1
  •    What Is PowerPoint Part 2
  •    New Presentation
  •    Viewing Presentation
  •    Inserting Transitions
  •    More Visual Designs Part 1
  •    More Visual Designs Part 2
  •    More Visual Designs Part 3
  •    More Visual Designs Part 4
  •    Notes
Intermediate Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
  •    Visual Designs With Logos And Animation Part1
  •    Visual Designs With Logos And Animation Part2
  •    Visual Designs With Logos And Animation Part3
  •    Visual Designs With Logos And Animation Part4
  •    Visual Designs With Logos And Animation Part5
  •    Exit Animation Part1
  •    Exit Animation Part2
  •    Exit Animation Part3
  •    Navigation Buttons
  •    Layout Options Part1
  •    Layout Options Part2
Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
  •    Master Pages Part1
  •    Master Pages Part2
  •    Software Simulation Part1
  •    Software Simulation Part2
  •    Setting Pictures To Music
  •    Advanced Animation Techniques
  •    Triggers
  •    Motion Path Animation
  •    Video In PowerPoint
  •    PowerPoint Review Part1
  •    PowerPoint Review Part2
  •    Additional Options

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Course Outline

Outlook 2016 Basic
  •    Introduction Part 1
  •    Introduction Part 2
  •    Options For Displaying Email Messages
  •    Create And Send An Email
  •    Receive An Email
  •    Calendar Part 1
  •    Calendar Part 2
  •    Contacts Part 1
  •    Contacts Part 2
  •    Tasks
Outlook 2016 Intermediate
  •    Folder Structure Part
  •    Folder Structure Part 2
  •    Multiple Email Accounts Part 1
  •    Multiple Email Accounts Part 2
  •    Create A New Email Part 1
  •    Create A New Email Part 2
  •    Signatures
  •    Calendars Part 1
  •    Calendars Part 2
  •    Contacts
  •    Outlook Settings Part 1
  •    Outlook Settings Part 2
Outlook 2016 Advanced
  •    One Note Introduction Part 1
  •    One Note Introduction Part 2
  •    One Note And PowerPoint
  •    One Note And Word
  •    One Note And Outlook
  •    Sharing Information
  •    OneNote And Mobile Devices
  •    Additional Elements Part 1
  •    Additional Elements Part 2

Microsoft Excel 2016 Course Outline

Excel 2016 Basic
  •    Tabs And Ribbons Part1
  •    Tabs And Ribbons Part2
  •    Cells Part1
  •    Cells Part2
  •    Cells Part3
  •    Cells Part4
  •    Calculations Part1
  •    Calculations Part2
  •    Calculations Part3
  •    Printing Part1
  •    Printing Part2
Excel 2016 Intermediate
  •    Menus And Keyboard Shortcuts Part1
  •    Menus And Keyboard Shortcuts Part2
  •    Menus And Keyboard Shortcuts Part3
  •    Tabs Part1
  •    Tabs Part2
  •    Formulas And Calculations Part1
  •    Formulas And Calculations Part2
  •    Formulas And Calculations Part3
  •    Formulas And Calculations Part4
  •    Importing Data Part1
  •    Importing Data Part2
  •    Invoices
Excel 2016 Advanced
  •    Advanced Invoice Part1
  •    Advanced Invoice Part2
  •    Advanced Invoice Part3
  •    Advanced Invoice Part4
  •    Number Crunching
  •    Creating A Pivot Table From Scratch
  •    Smaller Excel Components Part1
  •    Smaller Excel Components Part2
  •    Smaller Excel Components Part3

Microsoft Access 2016 Course Outline

Access 2016 Basic
  •    Introduction Part1
  •    Introduction Part2
  •    Elements Part1
  •    Elements Part2
  •    Reviewing Data
  •    Queries Part1
  •    Queries Part2
  •    Tracking Time Part1
  •    Tracking Time Part2
  •    Tracking Time Part3
  •    Design Work With Forms
Access 2016 Intermediate
  •    Relationships Part1
  •    Relationships Part2
  •    Changing Information
  •    Loading Tables
  •    Relating Invoices Part1
  •    Relating Invoices Part2
  •    Relating Invoices Part3
  •    Relating Invoices Part4
  •    Time Entry Form
Access 2016 Advanced
  •    Queries Part1
  •    Queries Part2
  •    Queries Part3
  •    Queries Part4
  •    Reports Based On Queries
  •    Adding Additional Information
  •    Update Query Part1
  •    Update Query Part2
  •    Creating A Report From Scratch Part1
  •    Creating A Report From Scratch Part2
  •    Creating A Report From Scratch Part3

5 reviews for Microsoft Office 2016 Bundle

  1. Elijah

    You guys are simply outstanding. Thank you for the amazing learning experience!

  2. Nomalanga

    I’m forever grateful you for this incredible experience.

  3. Michael

    You truly are the best in the business. Thank you for everything!

  4. Ethan

    The course offered a good balance between theory and hands-on practice.

  5. Zola

    Best course

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